Wednesday, September 21, 2016

14 Months of Fun


This kid is 14 months old this week. Are ya kidding me? Sometimes I get sad and miss when Walker was really little, but then I get excited he's so fun. And then I get even more excited one day he won't just point at things or say duh duh duh a lot! He's really into airplanes now, so much that when we are inside and we hears it he starts to point to the sky. He's quite insane climbing onto everything and throwing everything as if it is a ball. He loves to talk and sometimes he even hugs us! He's very determined and gets angry when he doesn't get things his way... doesn't sound like me at all... GG and NeNe taught him things like blowing kisses, high fives, Go Rangers with his hand in the air and fake coughing. GG is in trouble for that one. He is still scared of most men and some women at times. We really want to keep him around other kids so he doesn't get so attached to us. It's only bad when he's tired. He is cool with guys after a few days, but if you pick him up, that's when he screams at you. I have no clue why because Nick is the main man in his life and he's really cool with him. I heard once you spend the first year of a child's life keeping them alive, then the next year or so making sure they don't kill themselves. Yes. Following Walkie up and down the stairs... going to the playground is a must but exhausting as I follow him around making sure he doesn't jump off of something... making sure he doesn't jump in the pool after a toy... letting him play in the cupboards just hoping he doesn't get too far back and smash glass on the ground... remembering to lock up the nail polish remover... These kids are little monsters into everything! He also loves to pull on my ears when he is tired and sometimes pulls my hair. Hate to yell at him when he is tired, but, my hair does not enjoy being ripped from my head. He also tries to bite at times... he thinks it is funny. I don't think he enjoyed being bitten back one day. I try not to take a day for granted. Sometimes it is hard when you have a million things to do, but other days it is fun to just hang out and remember you don't get these days back!

We've been traveling A LOT lately. We got to go to Dallas to a Rangers game and see lots of friends one weekend... then Nick went on a sports excursion with his boys so W and I drove to Midland to see Dad and Brenda. We got to see Stephanie in Big Spring for a bit so that was neat! Then Chandra brought her girls over on Monday! Papa Mark and NeNe spoiled Walkie with toys and lots of good food. I had such a nice time relaxing with them and sharing Walker with his cool grandparents. Then we went to Phoenix meeting our best friends the Sznajders for a Texas Tech game. It was a hote weekend, but good times with good friends! We are tired of travel, but hitting Texas for a wedding, visit to West Texas and then again for the holidays this year! Again, you don't get these days back so it's okay! 

Hanging out in Texas, September...

Chandra's gals Landry & Leighton
Rangers Game
Chilling like Papa Mark
Chandra, Leighton, Julie, Dubya
 Hanging out in Phoenix, September...

Godmother Karen, Guinnie, W, Julie with tired eyes

Just being perfect...

Monday, August 15, 2016

Walker's First Birthday Texas Trip

Turning one is just a right of passage in one's life. They might not understand it at the time, but it's a pretty big deal. So we packed up and headed to Texas to celebrate Walker in Texas fashion. The most important part was our family and friends got to celebrate with him. My parents drove in, Granny and our good friends from Houston came in just for Walker! So special that he has people that love him that much.

As parents many of us buy the expensive little smash cake outfits. I did lots of research into what I wanted it to look like and how these pics were going to go. He ripped off the hat and tie without a thought. Guess that's out of the question. Up next was the thought of smashing the cake. My friend, Karen made this perfect cake. She was even going to make one for his party as well. Walker didn't really want any part of smashing it. Who doesn't want sugar smashed in their face?! He just played with the candle and stared at us. I was sad. We got some bubbles and balloons going as props to keep him entertained during photos. Nick's dad had a really cool little set up and Walker enjoyed knocking some of it down. We then went outside just for fun so he could play in the tiny pool GiGi and Big Jim got him. Those pictures might have been the best because we just let him go wild! He thinks water hoses are the best toys ever made.


We all worked really hard on the party fun. Katie and Karen did so much to prepare with all of the creative things.

Some of the decor.. I owe all of this to Katie and Karen! Thank you to our wonderful friend, Shanna for buying the amazing golf cake!

My brainchild was the photo area set up outside... I didn't think about the Texas heat when I set this up so I was really the only one who used it! Some of the kids played outside on the bouncy slide thing and playhouse, but most stayed inside away from the crazy heat of the day!

Walker had some many loved ones at his party. I don't know how they all fit into the house! We all had a great time. Most of the kids played in the playroom while the adults mingled. It was so wonderful to get a chance to just hang out and for Dubs to play with the kiddos! 

Abby, Stephanie, Julie, Melissa, Georgia

Libby, Granny, Carol & Teresa


Mike, Jann, Ruth, John, Dad & Brenda

GiGi Dianne

W & Colby
 A few of my best girlfriends were unable to come to the party so we decided to all meet up at Jana's dad's house to swim. Walker got his pick of two young ladies, Kayla and Ava. He wasn't very friendly that day and didn't want to swim with the big girls so I held him for most of it! We had a really good time just chilling out and enjoying the sunshine.

Brittney, Jordan, Kayla, Walker, Andrea, Jana & Ava

We love patios. One of our favorite places in Plano is Katy Trail Ice House. The Sznajders and McDaniels met us there with the kids for a bit of fun. Now, it took us 1.5 hours in Dallas traffic to get there, but we finally arrived! The kids ran amuck and played cornhole and were crazy while the adults sipped on sangria... or I did anyway.

Colby, Walker, Karen
Guinnie & Walkie

Walker had way too much fun playing in this fort at Big Jim & GiGi's!!!

Wednesday we made our way to Austin. Nick wouldn't allow me to stop at Buccees since I go a little crazy there. I could buy the entire store. We did stop for some West kolaches!

We stayed with John and Tami in the city house then went out to the country house. Tami just made judge in Austin and they are getting married in September so they are very busy people right now! It was so nice for all of us to slow down and get to hang out in the country. It was so peaceful. Tami took us on a short hike, and wow, the humidity is insane. One day Nick and I walked up to their neighborhood playground and were pretty much dripping! Good exercise? 

Eating cheerios off the porch...
Nick headed off to the river and I headed out to hang out with Sarah's family. We've been friends since we were 18 and sorority sisters so I was very excited to meet Baby Sloane! We had a really great time just hanging out and catching up! The kids were cute together!