Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The 45th President - Here We Roll

 I've seen so many fights via social media about the Presidential election. I've seen all out hate spewing from people's mouths and witnessed friendships crumbling due to opinions. This is why I steer away from sharing my opinions online. I was never good at debate anyway. That said, I want to put in writing this day in history for my future children. This is the first President Walker will know. I remember knowing of Ronald Reagan and learning about him. I remember being in first grade when Dukakis and Bush ran against one another. No matter who was elected this term, they made history. Hillary Clinton could be the first woman President or Donald Trump could be the first President without military or political experience.

Walker and I voted yesterday morning then we played at the dog park. Easy as pie. I was actually more interested on some things on the state ballot. I'm a Texan in my heart and in my mind, but on paper I am in Nevada so I had to care about some of these issues. In fact, I've never been very political and didn't even want to vote. I visited my folks last month and my stepmom insisted we have this right so we needed to vote. At first, Nick and I weren't too into election coverage, but it started to grab ahold of us. Truthfully I did not think Donald Trump had a chance against Clinton because it seemed the world already had her office ready to go. The numbers kept rolling in and Trump's numbers went higher and higher. We decided about 11 PM it was time for bed because this thing wasn't going to end. My phone alerts from news stations I follow kept pinging as we tried to sleep. Sometime in the night I awoke and saw it was official that Donald Trump was President.

I have friends from every walk of life. I have friends and family even with different viewpoints. Some are vocal, some are not. I was proud in a sense that as people we surround ourselves with many different personalities. To me this is America. The freedom to be who we are and the freedom to love each other as a whole. Putting all opinions aside, love has to be at the middle of us as a whole. I don't know the future and I can only pray the future is good for my family. I can only pray good people get good things in this life. We roll out four years to a new leader today. This person inherits millions of Americans. Our lives, our loves, our journeys. Here we roll.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Three Costumes. One Kid.


Halloween might be my favorite holiday... after Christmas, of course. It's just plain fun. Getting dressed, the music, the feeling, the air, the FUN. I was excited for Walker's Halloween this year because he could have more fun with it than being so small last year. The weeks leading up to the day he pointed at every decoration on our walk and was infatuated with scary rats and pumpkins.

On Halloween weekend the first place we took Walker was to a little shopping center with a farmer's market and all kinds of things for kids. He got to pet lots of fun animals in the petting zoo! Then he got to play some sports and just have a ball. Now, it was hot so I decided to throw him together as Dennis the Menace. He had this shirt in his drawer and I ordered red overalls. He acts like Dennis so he should be him. He was a little hot in his outfit, but so cute.

Saturday night began with a block party at the Fong's culdesac. We had a blast. Walker got to hang out with lots of kids, but he spent most of his time climbing the stairs to go look at someone's decorations. We stayed for a bit then decided to head to Container Park and old Vegas called Fremont Street. There's so much people watching! Walkie played on the really cool playground at Container Park with the other kids then we pushed him around downtown. The atmosphere was just amazing as everyone was in costume. I was a devil and Nick was Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber... should have gotten a picture, eh?! Walker was Mickey Mouse. He was so excited about this outfit and kept pointing to it, but I guess since it was dark that night he could care less. I think he was hot? He sure did look adorable!

 Halloween night was finally upon us! We were pretty exhausted by the weekend, which I didn't mention Nick's brother was in town so they were out until all hours of the morning, whole other story, but the guys napped until about 5:30! I threw Walkie in his costume and we were ready to hit the streets!!! GG bought him this dino outfit. It was cuddly and so comfy, too. We had a blast in the neighborhood. Some people go all out so it was amazing with all the colors, decorations and lights. We met some really neat people, too. I love having a neighborhood that does neat things like this because in some places it is just dead. So many people just turn out their lights. We got home and had way too much candy in our pumpkin! Oh man, Halloween is a strange thing, people give you their groceries! One house even gave a little bag of toys! Just small probably Dollar Store items. So neat!

Three costumes. One kid. Hey, it's all good. The day after Halloween I felt the pressure of Christmas creeping upon us. Guess that's just the way it is these days. My little monster's outfits are actually hanging back up because his Daddy thinks he can wear them on a rainy day. Sounds good to me. Anytime you get to dress up and just have fun is the perfect day.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Weddings, Airplanes and Football, Oh My!

I'm behind. And I'm not one that is supposed to get behind in writing. Maybe it's because no one really reads blogs unless you're famous or maybe it's because I just let time slip by. We need to record memories so here I am. Fall has been a whirlwind time of travel. Not sure you can call it Fall because it's yet to be "cold," but I say once school begins Summer blows away in the hot wind.

We made another trip to Texas at the end of September for a dear friend's wedding. Tami and John were getting married out at their country house and they let us stay in the master bedroom of the city house! My high school pals Emily, Val and JJ all came by on Friday night so we got to catch up. Saturday we met Bryce and Natalie for brunch at a food truck. The wedding was more of a party, so neat. Tami is like a sister to me so it was special to see her getting married for the second time. I went to the first wedding when I was in 6th grade, Chandra and my parents went and Chan sprayed her hair with Raid before the wedding thinking it was bug spray. That's all I really recall. Now, I don't recommend taking my kid to a wedding... I also don't regret it because I knew it was a family thing and he would be just fine. Nick let me socialize while he chased after Walkie all night. He loved to play in the hay. I wanted a family photo, but slowing down just wasn't in the cards for him.

My cousin, Bryce & his wife, Natalie
 I sure am waiting for the professional pictures because this is a sad blurry photo of us. 

Growing up I had an Uncle Ron and an Aunt Marisue, they weren't family by blood, but they were/are family! It was so very special to get to share Walker with them. I stayed with them for a week when I was only a few weeks or months old so to share Walker with them after they knew me at that age is just really neat.  Marisue wanted Walker in the picture, but he was tired at this point and he loves to tug on my ears when he is sleepy.

 Walker did not want to be held still for a picture. There was hay to play in.

 The secret to keeping a child happy is putting them in the bed of a pickup truck. Endless entertainment.

Tami & her son, Ty

Guarding the kegs and Coke.
 The next day before we flew out we got to have breakfast with the happy couple and their family. It was just a really good time. Then, boom, back to Las Vegas.

We got the chance to go to Harvest Festival and see some of our favorites. We took Walkie with us so we didn't get to stay late for Brad Paisley or Luke Bryan, but we got to see Martina McBride, my favorite behind Dolly Parton. It was a neat festival with a lot of interesting people sightings. 

 I just included this picture because he's a thug.

 Walkie running wild at Harvest Festival in his jean shorts.

Did I mention Fall means Football??? Texas Tech is having an okay season because we have an amazing quarterback, but we have lost a few... Oh well, we taught Walker to throw one hand up for "Go Rangers" and two hands for "Touchdown," but he doesn't always follow directions and loves to just throw one hand up for all of them.

 NeNe made W a really cool glow in the dark shirt for Halloween. Frankie = Walkie.  

So we headed out to West Texas next. My favorite time is Fall in West Texas, just wonderful and calm. We were ready to spend some quality time with Papa Mark and NeNe. Chewy was excited to see us, too! We just hung out and ate too much because when we get food we never have here, we go a little crazy. Yep, no workout could fix what we did to our bodies! Heddy brought over her three girls so we got to spend some time her so that was a lot of fun. I enjoyed sitting and talking with my parents. Brenda was busy working on some neat sewing projects so those were neat to see as well. Walker takes a bit to warm up to men so by the end of the trip he was starting to think Dad was pretty cool. I want them to have a fun relationship and for Dubs to like to watch Dad work with wood in his shop and watch old westerns with him. Dad plays with him and gives him his space so as he grows they will be the best of pals. I hear Brenda lures one of her grandsons, Rex, that just loves Papa Mark, away with candy, so maybe Dad will lure him away from NeNe with chocolate!

I know boys get lots of injuries because they sure are rough. Walker fell flat on the front of his forehead for the first time at the dog park. I tried to catch him with my leg because he always falls and sometimes I catch him, but this time my leg propelled him in the air. So that's why he's got scratches on his head in his first pic of the Fall with jeans on!


We made our way to Lubbock to see Texas Tech play West Virginia. We went through Welch to visit Bill and Donna. Welch is one of my favorite places in the world because it is just simple peace. It's in the middle of nowhere and the presence of family is priceless. I think cotton is beautiful so we had to stop on the side of the road to snap a few pictures. I don't care if people wondered if we were crazy. Dad says I should have taken some to grow it in a pot for fun, but I forgot!


 We got to Lubbock mid afternoon and Nick and I decided to hit up Chimy's. The magic of Chimy's is something only Red Raiders can understand! We sat at a table by these college kids and I had to roll my eyes a little and how young they seemed and their conversations. Um was that me in 2000? We decided to take a stroll around a bit of campus and show Walker the ropes.


We stayed with Nick's roomate from college, Brandon and his wife, Sara. They have two adorable girls.. Kendall and Piper are about 2 and 4 years old. They were so much fun! Walker had a great time playing with them! Piper was very confused as to why Walker doesn't talk in sentences. We took the kids to the parade at campus and they loved the music. Then we went to Orlandos where I worked in college. The owner was there and I got to talk to her and see her daughter! Brandon and Sara live so far out in this land that was not there when I went to college. I always say it, Lubbock is growing like crazy!

Kendall feeding Walkie
The boys went to the game which was early at 11 AM so Sara and I took the kids to the corn maze. Walker had so much fun riding the hayride and the little train. He wasn't really having pictures. He was too busy checking out all of the pumpkins and the hay. Well, Tech lost so the boys came home early and we grilled a bit. We had to get back that night so we could catch an early flight on Sunday so we headed back to Midland. We stopped in Lamesa and got to see Jodi and the boys. Walkie was done at this point and was very tired so he wasn't exactly friendly. I felt so bad, but atleast we got to visit with them.


In other news, I guess going on in the world we must touch on the Presidential election so when Walker reads this when he is 50 he can remember. I'm pretty far from political, but I also know I need to vote. Lesser of two evils in Clinton and Trump. That's about all I can say publicly without getting attacked. This is the first time a woman really may be our leader and it is also the first time someone without political experience can really be our leader. It's quite interesting and it's actually entertaining. Not sure if politics should be entertaining, but it really is. It is crazy to us this is the President Walker will know. I got Ronald Reagan and I'm pretty proud of that. I just pray Walker's future as well as our future is paved with good intentions from our next leader. The world is a scary place, maybe it always has been. There has always been violence and insanity. I want Walker to walk in the world with love and not be faced with the scary times that we can truly face. Even today at my age I do not know the sort of hardship my grandparents faced and I do not want that for my child or children. So I know our true leader is God even if that sounds cliche and our future will be okay in whomever's hands, I pray. 

Next up is Halloween and then Thanksgiving! Such a fun time of year!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

14 Months of Fun


This kid is 14 months old this week. Are ya kidding me? Sometimes I get sad and miss when Walker was really little, but then I get excited he's so fun. And then I get even more excited one day he won't just point at things or say duh duh duh a lot! He's really into airplanes now, so much that when we are inside and we hears it he starts to point to the sky. He's quite insane climbing onto everything and throwing everything as if it is a ball. He loves to talk and sometimes he even hugs us! He's very determined and gets angry when he doesn't get things his way... doesn't sound like me at all... GG and NeNe taught him things like blowing kisses, high fives, Go Rangers with his hand in the air and fake coughing. GG is in trouble for that one. He is still scared of most men and some women at times. We really want to keep him around other kids so he doesn't get so attached to us. It's only bad when he's tired. He is cool with guys after a few days, but if you pick him up, that's when he screams at you. I have no clue why because Nick is the main man in his life and he's really cool with him. I heard once you spend the first year of a child's life keeping them alive, then the next year or so making sure they don't kill themselves. Yes. Following Walkie up and down the stairs... going to the playground is a must but exhausting as I follow him around making sure he doesn't jump off of something... making sure he doesn't jump in the pool after a toy... letting him play in the cupboards just hoping he doesn't get too far back and smash glass on the ground... remembering to lock up the nail polish remover... These kids are little monsters into everything! He also loves to pull on my ears when he is tired and sometimes pulls my hair. Hate to yell at him when he is tired, but, my hair does not enjoy being ripped from my head. He also tries to bite at times... he thinks it is funny. I don't think he enjoyed being bitten back one day. I try not to take a day for granted. Sometimes it is hard when you have a million things to do, but other days it is fun to just hang out and remember you don't get these days back!

We've been traveling A LOT lately. We got to go to Dallas to a Rangers game and see lots of friends one weekend... then Nick went on a sports excursion with his boys so W and I drove to Midland to see Dad and Brenda. We got to see Stephanie in Big Spring for a bit so that was neat! Then Chandra brought her girls over on Monday! Papa Mark and NeNe spoiled Walkie with toys and lots of good food. I had such a nice time relaxing with them and sharing Walker with his cool grandparents. Then we went to Phoenix meeting our best friends the Sznajders for a Texas Tech game. It was a hote weekend, but good times with good friends! We are tired of travel, but hitting Texas for a wedding, visit to West Texas and then again for the holidays this year! Again, you don't get these days back so it's okay! 

Hanging out in Texas, September...

Chandra's gals Landry & Leighton
Rangers Game
Chilling like Papa Mark
Chandra, Leighton, Julie, Dubya
 Hanging out in Phoenix, September...

Godmother Karen, Guinnie, W, Julie with tired eyes

Just being perfect...

Monday, August 15, 2016

Walker's First Birthday Texas Trip

Turning one is just a right of passage in one's life. They might not understand it at the time, but it's a pretty big deal. So we packed up and headed to Texas to celebrate Walker in Texas fashion. The most important part was our family and friends got to celebrate with him. My parents drove in, Granny and our good friends from Houston came in just for Walker! So special that he has people that love him that much.

As parents many of us buy the expensive little smash cake outfits. I did lots of research into what I wanted it to look like and how these pics were going to go. He ripped off the hat and tie without a thought. Guess that's out of the question. Up next was the thought of smashing the cake. My friend, Karen made this perfect cake. She was even going to make one for his party as well. Walker didn't really want any part of smashing it. Who doesn't want sugar smashed in their face?! He just played with the candle and stared at us. I was sad. We got some bubbles and balloons going as props to keep him entertained during photos. Nick's dad had a really cool little set up and Walker enjoyed knocking some of it down. We then went outside just for fun so he could play in the tiny pool GiGi and Big Jim got him. Those pictures might have been the best because we just let him go wild! He thinks water hoses are the best toys ever made.


We all worked really hard on the party fun. Katie and Karen did so much to prepare with all of the creative things.

Some of the decor.. I owe all of this to Katie and Karen! Thank you to our wonderful friend, Shanna for buying the amazing golf cake!

My brainchild was the photo area set up outside... I didn't think about the Texas heat when I set this up so I was really the only one who used it! Some of the kids played outside on the bouncy slide thing and playhouse, but most stayed inside away from the crazy heat of the day!

Walker had some many loved ones at his party. I don't know how they all fit into the house! We all had a great time. Most of the kids played in the playroom while the adults mingled. It was so wonderful to get a chance to just hang out and for Dubs to play with the kiddos! 

Abby, Stephanie, Julie, Melissa, Georgia

Libby, Granny, Carol & Teresa


Mike, Jann, Ruth, John, Dad & Brenda

GiGi Dianne

W & Colby
 A few of my best girlfriends were unable to come to the party so we decided to all meet up at Jana's dad's house to swim. Walker got his pick of two young ladies, Kayla and Ava. He wasn't very friendly that day and didn't want to swim with the big girls so I held him for most of it! We had a really good time just chilling out and enjoying the sunshine.

Brittney, Jordan, Kayla, Walker, Andrea, Jana & Ava

We love patios. One of our favorite places in Plano is Katy Trail Ice House. The Sznajders and McDaniels met us there with the kids for a bit of fun. Now, it took us 1.5 hours in Dallas traffic to get there, but we finally arrived! The kids ran amuck and played cornhole and were crazy while the adults sipped on sangria... or I did anyway.

Colby, Walker, Karen
Guinnie & Walkie

Walker had way too much fun playing in this fort at Big Jim & GiGi's!!!

Wednesday we made our way to Austin. Nick wouldn't allow me to stop at Buccees since I go a little crazy there. I could buy the entire store. We did stop for some West kolaches!

We stayed with John and Tami in the city house then went out to the country house. Tami just made judge in Austin and they are getting married in September so they are very busy people right now! It was so nice for all of us to slow down and get to hang out in the country. It was so peaceful. Tami took us on a short hike, and wow, the humidity is insane. One day Nick and I walked up to their neighborhood playground and were pretty much dripping! Good exercise? 

Eating cheerios off the porch...
Nick headed off to the river and I headed out to hang out with Sarah's family. We've been friends since we were 18 and sorority sisters so I was very excited to meet Baby Sloane! We had a really great time just hanging out and catching up! The kids were cute together!